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We are construction workers, community members and Ironworkers who have come together to take a stand against worker exploitation and threats to public safety. We are striking against Thomas G. Auringer-affiliated construction companies. No one should have to work under the conditions we endured. The companies' threats to public safety need to stop, now! We are standing up for what is right. Please join us in our fight for fair treatment, safe worksites, and family-sustaining jobs.
Real estate development is the engine of NYC's economy. That's why every year taxpayers give billions of dollars in subsidies to spur construction. Unfortunately, all too often unscrupulous contractors break the law, exploit workers, and leave taxpayers with the bill. It's time to root out the bad apples in the Big Apple!

Let's start with Thomas G. Auringer-affiliated companies that do work for wealthy luxury developer JDS, and L&M and BFC, affordable housing developers who receive millions in public subsidies.

It's time to strictly enforce existing laws that protect workers and the public and impose real penalties on those who don't play by the rules. It's time to stop developers who profit while workers are injured or die!
Exploitation At Every Level
A very unfortunate accident occurred today at 317 Kent Avenue Brooklyn by the old Domino sugar factory.

Our condolences to the families of the victims that were killed by the negligence of irresponsible contractors that put profit over people's lives. It is sad and unfortunate but could have been prevented providing that contractors and developers start taking responsability for the safety of workers and the public.
NYC Community Alliance for
Worker Justice
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