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Fighting for Workers Rights

Workers Rights
Stopping Wage Theft
Injuries and Accidents
Improved Worker Safety Regulations
Rights on the Job
Fair and Equal Treatment
Workers Resources
Contact us for more information and printed and electronic resources and guides! The NYCCAWJ offers many resources for workers.
The NYC Community Alliance for Workers Justice fights for workers rights in the construction industry. To be a construction worker in New York City is one of the toughest, most physically demanding jobs there is. Sometimes it includes working 50 stories in the sky, surrounded by huge cranes. Sometimes it includes working 3 stories below ground surrounded by rebar and heavy machinery. It's always dangerous.

71 workers in New York died in construction-related accidents in 2016, the highest number of fatalities in fifteen years. None of these deaths should have happened. Some contractors intentionally cut corners on worker safety and disregard hazardous jobsite conditions.

Stealing hours, making employees work off the clock, not paying overtime, or misclassifying workers Working off the clock, stealing tips, not paying overtime, failing to pay proper legal minimum wages or misclassifying workers on publicly-funded projects, are just a few ways dishonest construction contractors have used to steal wages.
• To get paid fairly and properly for all the hours worked.
• Real benefits: Health insurance for us and our family and retirement.
• Paid sick days and vacation.
• Safe working conditions and real safety skills training.
• Dignity and respect. No more mistreatment, threats, intimidation, and retaliation!
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Despite employer retaliation, workers know that together they can make changes in their industry. “We employees have a voice, and I want my voice to be heard,” Ithier Lopez said. “I want everybody to know that there is a better option out there for us. All we have to do is stand up.”