Fighting for Workers Rights

Every Worker Gets Paid
 The NYCCAWJ fights against all types of wage theft and for better enforcement of our wage laws to ensure that every workers get paid for all the work they do.
Injuries and Accidents
Some contractors-- by attempting to lower costs, or out of sheer disregard-- may not provide workers with proper training or safety equipment, even those that are mandated by federal regulations.

Bad contractors also may NOT report accidents to OSHA or the NYC Department of Buildings as required in order to avoid scrutiny or financial costs, through insurance or workers compensation claims and increased rates.
Improved Worker Safety and Training Regulations
Did you know? NYC Bill 1447 requires workers on NYC construction sites to take at least 40 hours of safety training. In addition to the mandating safety training, the bill creates a fund to provide training for workers who cannot afford the cost. Training should be paid by contractors, not workers!
Rights on the Job
Joining with your co-workers to organize a union is a fundamental right recognized in U.S. labor law. Unfortunately some employers regularly violate labor law when workers organize in an attempt to have all of the power in the employment relationship. That’s why it’s important to know your rights to organize.
Fair and Equal Treatment
The NYCCAWJ fights all kinds of worker mistreatment and abuse including discrimination and harassment based on race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual harassment in the workplace.
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The NYC Community Alliance for Workers Justice fights for workers rights in the construction industry. These are just some of the issues we are out standing up and speaking out about:
“The company makes us work regardless of the weather. Summer heat, rain, winter snow. They don’t care about our safety. All they care about is production and getting the job done.”
—Carrol Turner