Workers Resources

Workers are saying no more to the injustices. Despite employer retaliation, workers know together they can make changes in their industry. Workers are demonstrating and raising their collective voices with the support of faith and community members. Workers are speaking up, talking to other co-workers, and educating themselves. Workers have even gone on strike to protest workplace abuses, wage violations, safety issues, and other forms of mistreatment at unethical companies.

Contact us for more information and printed and electronic resources and guides! The NYC Community Alliance for Workers Justice offers many resources for workers including:
*support for identifying jobsite hazards and discrimination, retaliation, wage issues and other workplace issues
*KNOW-YOUR RIGHTS information handouts and packets
*ACCIDENT, SAFETY and HEALTH information and statistics from the OSHA and the NYCDOB
*information on becoming an Ironworkers Associates member
*Corporate critiques and spotlights of bad contractors
leaflet in English and Spanish.
Know Your Rights
Some rights for construction workers in NYC

Conozca Sus Derechos
Algunos derechos para trabajadores de la construcción en la Cuidad de Nueva York
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“We worked long hours and weekends and did not receive proper pay for all the time we work. We were not offered regular breaks through the day. We did not receive any benefits from the company. We were not provided with safety equipment and the company often avoided OSHA safety rules and regulations.
I wasn’t a certified welder but I was made to weld on projects several times. Situations like these create a dangerous and unsafe space for all workers.” - Christian Mejia